The transport industry hub of Valenciennes is home to Transalley technology park. This site devoted to innovative and sustainable mobility plays host to businesses, research teams, and sustainable mobility operators, all in a single location. With its proximity to key industry players and leading scientists, it gives its residents everything they need to develop their innovations.

A technology park connected to the University

The technology park is ideally situated in the university campus extension (Mont Houy site). The University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis (UPHF), which has been recognized for innovation in sustainable transport, enjoys nationwide renown as a center for transportation. It offers a unified "transport and mobility" course of study, includind short cycle, first cycle, master, PhD. Pilot of the CISIT project, the University is a noted actor for research into sustainable transport.

The UPHF possesses significant technological platforms and a testing center (C3T Valutec) accessible to businesses. It is attuned to the needs of companies and does all it can to encourage innovation.

A community for every actor involved in sustainable mobility

Plan technopôle transalley

Plan technopôle transalley

The technology park's 34 hectares offer 180,000 m2 of spaces suitable for all sorts of companies and research teams.

The Transalley technopole hosts:

  • companies that want to be at the center of European transport markets and industries
  • companies that want to work with the University
  • large corporate groups, small and medium businesses, and start-ups
  • R&D centers
  • transport-related institutions (research, platforms, training, etc.)
  • consulting companies (innovation, legal, etc.)
  • ransport clusters

The technology park will offer:

  • shared facilities and spaces: an auditorium, conference rooms, a showroom, record-keeping facilities, etc.
  • world-class services for residents (food, housing, employee child care, fitness center, etc.).

The Transalley technopole is an ideal place to invest in and develop companies and technologies for the mobility market in Europe.