Accompagnement à l'innovation
Innovation is essential for businesses if they are to have a competitive advantage and thus distinguish themselves in their market.
To successfully see an innovative project through and control the risks, a business needs to have the means.
A member of the réseau régional des acteurs de l’innovation (regional network of innovation promoters), Transalley supports any business that seeks to innovate in the mobility sector in order to help them structure their process and find suitable solutions.

This support includes:

  • structuring of an innovation or R&D project
  • identification of scientific skills
  • access to technological platforms
  • information on national and regional innovation financing programmes (CIR, BPI France, Fonds Régional Innovation, diagnostics, etc.)
  • networking with innovation actors. Depending on the nature of the project, Transalley will propose and organise meetings with the UPHF labs, the i-Trans centre, IRT Railenium, experts, etc.


Innovation and R&D Manager

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Cell: +33 (0)6 11 94 37 50
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