An exceptional ecosystem devoted to sustainable transport and mobility

Design Office

A stimulating location to innovate and imagine the industry and mobility of tomorrow

Automobile industry

A strategic placement at the heart of one of the most dynamic regions in the automobile, railway, aeronautic, and new mobility sectors


A site connected to the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, known for their transport sector research and training

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Create your business

The Transalley early stage business incubator offers personalized support in the creation of your business as well as access to assistance programmes and the technology park's resources.

The Early Stage Business Incubator


Develop your business

To increase the chances of success for entrepreneurs, Transalley supports new businesses in its business incubator and jump-starts the growth of every type of business with its GAMMA programme.

The Business Incubator Business Accelerator


Strengthen your competitiveness

The Transalley ecosystem provides all the resources needed to innovate, recruit, and reach market.

Innovation Establishment