Accueil / Service offer

Service offer

Accueil / Service offer

First partner in the development of sustainable mobility companies

Innovation, research, technological development, implementation, human resources: Transalley has a team of experts who help businesses and research centres benefit from the best support possible for their projects. Transalley also organises the life of the technology park and organises numerous events, which enable participants to create or consolidate their network and to promote their expertise to professionals and the general public.

Transalley Incubator

Create your business

The Transalley early stage business incubator offers personalized support in the creation of your business as well as access to assistance programmes and the technology park’s resources.

Transalley Nursery

Develop your business

To increase the chances of success for entrepreneurs, Transalley supports new businesses in its business incubator and jump-starts the growth of every type of business with its GAMMA programme.

Working session

​​The Business Accelerator

GAMMA : accelerate the growth of your business

The GAMMA acceleration programme is designed for any PME, PMI, or ETI located in the Hauts-de-France, targeting the mobility market and who wants to strengthen their growth. Transalley can support you to help you grow your operations in complete serenity !

Supporting Innovation

Innovation is essential for businesses if they are to have a competitive advantage and thus distinguish themselves in their market.

Market Access

Transalley offers its residents privileged access to regional, global and international players.

Training and recruitment

Transalley accompagne les entreprises sur leurs problématiques de recrutement, d’identification de bonnes formations, en mode collectif (atelier, salon) ou en mode individuel.


To finance the development of young companies or their establishment in the technology park, Transalley works with BPI France, the Hauts-de-France Region, and the Valenciennes Métropole, depending on each project.


Getting Set Up at Transalley

Ideally served by highways and public transport, Transalley offers many advantages to the residents of the technology park thanks to a range of services and equipment that meet the highest standards of international science parks.


The Mobility Kiosk

The Mobility Kiosk has been developed by Transalley since 2017 to promote the mobility of young people aged 13 to 30 in the region. Many activities and services are offered.

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