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Implementation solutions

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Getting Set Up at Transalley

Ideally served by highways and public transport, Transalley offers many advantages to the residents of the technology park thanks to a range of services and equipment that meet the highest standards of international science parks. Residents benefit from many exclusive services: co-working spaces, amphitheatres, shared meeting rooms, etc.

Infrastructures, architecture, green spaces, shops and services: the technology park offers a very pleasant environment, based on the model of large international campuses.

There are amenities that are unique in France and specific to the mobility sector, including, for example, a testing and demonstration track.

Entirely dedicated to mobility players, the Transalley technology park offers tailor-made implementation solutions for all types of projects: subsidiaries, design offices, R&D departments or workshops.

  • Property and offices available in business centre
  • Financial planning help
  • Assistance to facilitate professional and personal settlement and successful integration into this new environment

The Service d’accueil aux entreprises de Valenciennes Métropole provides free personalised assistance with administrative procedures, finding accommodation, finding jobs for spouses, and sending children to school…

This confirmed expertise is reflected in the hosting of major international transport companies : Toyota, Mercedes Benz, the European Union Agency for Railways… (nearly 1,000 employees of more than 30 nationalities hosted in 10 years).

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