GAMMA: accelerate the growth of your business

The GAMMA acceleration programme is designed for any PME, PMI, or ETI located in the Hauts-de-France, targeting the mobility market and who wants to strengthen their growth. Transalley can support you to help you grow your operations in complete serenity!

With GAMMA, get trained by our experts

Each month, professionals give you the keys to better understanding the subjects that are indispensable to your growth: legal, HR recruitment, economic intelligence, negotiation, financing, business development, and communication. They work in small committees (up to 15 companies) on these various issues.

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With GAMMA, overcome your daily challenges

Participating in the GAMMA acceleration programme gives you access to our A PARTE services. Each month, our experts offer consultations for business creators and entrepreneurs. The goal? Obtaining an analysis of your situation with regard to a problem, a first diagnosis, or an identification of areas for improvement or solutions. HR, innovation/R&D, international, legal, design, commercial development, intellectual property protection, and communication: our eight experts are there to help by appointment.


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