Accueil / The incubator

The incubator

Accueil / The incubator

As part of the regional network for the creation of innovative companies, certified by the Hauts-de-France Region, the Transalley early stage business incubator offers a complete range of services to accelerate and secure business creation.

It welcomes all types of innovative project leaders (students, researchers, employees, etc.), particularly those oriented towards mobility services, the mobility of people with reduced mobility, and the automotive, rail, and aeronautics sectors.

The selection criteria are based on the innovative nature of the project, market prospects, the company project, and the human/project fit.
At the end of the incubation, the project leader can continue to support the development of their business by joining the business incubator and by following the Gamma acceleration programme.

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Services offered by the early stage business incubator

Personalized support

The project leader is followed for 12 months by a project manager, from the structuring of their project through creation and fundraising. They gain access to expertise in every domain: finance, marketing, technology, legal, intellectual property protection, etc.

Access to assistance programmes

Fonds Régional d’Incubation (Regional Incubation Fund), allocation to project leaders, student projects, etc.

High-quality hosting

In the heart of the Transalley technology park, the project leader will benefit from a fully-equipped workspace in a secured building and shared services: meeting rooms, documentary space, internet access, telephone areas, courier and reprography services, access to site events, a cafeteria area, etc.

Access to technological and human resources

The proximity to the university provides access to technological platforms: design, prototyping, simulation, testing, etc. It also makes it possible to have easy access to scientific skill sets for the recruitment of interns, apprentices, or future employees.

Thanks to a partnership with Dassault Systèmes, the project leaders Transalley supports can take advantage of a free licence for the entire SolidWorks software suite. This software suite, essential for any innovator, makes it possible to design physical products, resolving complex problems and reducing time to market.




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