La vie du parc

The technology park offers numerous shared services in order to facilitate the life of residents and promote exchanges.


Every first Friday in July:
a friendly and strategic time to create or consolidate partnerships.
At the technology park

GAMMA Acceleration Programme

Each month, to strengthen your business: expert assistance, sharing of best practices in various fields (legal, recruiting, economic intelligence, negotiation, financing, commerce, business, communication, etc.). To learn more
At the technology park or off-site - Free, on registration only

A Parte Services

Every month, two days with experts on duty: legal, employment, human resources, innovation, design, communication, etc.
Mobilium 180 and 251 - Free, on reservation only

Instant T

Each month:
for the residents of the technology park to get to know each other and enjoy some tasty treats (breakfast, king cake, crêpes, or other treats).
Mobilium 251 Cafeteria


Each quarter, a Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm:
welcoming new businesses, information for the businesses, agenda (before a period of networking & snacking).
At the technology park



Mobilium building
180 rue Joseph-Louis Lagrange
59300 Famars - FRANCE

Tel.: +33 (0)3 62 26 02 20

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